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Compare IBP - Webposition Gold Comparison
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(latest version!)

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How does WebPosition Gold compare to IBP ?

If you use WebPosition Gold or another commercial web site promotion software tool, it's time to switch now.

There are at least 8 good reasons to switch to the next-generation web site promotion tool IBP. You'll get more customers and more sales.

8 good reasons to switch from your current tool to IBP

We call IBP the "next generation web site promotion tool" because it offers many features that other tools are sorely lacking:


1. Most other submission tools access search engines directly or they just simulate a web browser to submit your web site and to check your search engine rankings. Search engines can identify these browser simulations and don't accept or ban these submissions.

For this reason, IBP uses (invisible) MS Internet Explorer windows to submit your web site. The search engines are visited with a real web browser.

IBP goes to the submission page, fills out the form, waits a little and clicks the Submit button - it's exactly the same as submitting your web site manually by hand. In addition, you can also use the semi-automatic feature to submit your web site quickly and easily to all search engines, directories and industry-specific sites. Think of the time that will save you.

How it works: manual search engine submission automated




More and more search engines now require a validation code, for example AltaVista and AllTheWeb. On the submission page, they show a picture with a letter/number combination that automated submission tools cannot recognize so that they cannot submit to these search engines.

 Aamazing submission validation

IBP can submit to these search engines. In contrast to other tools and in addition to IBP's automatic submission feature, IBP offers an intelligent semi-automatic submission feature: it fills out the submission form as much as possible, you just enter the validation code and click the Submit button. Finally, you can save a lot of time submitting to these search engines.



The semi-automatic submission feature lets you also submit to Internet directories (Yahoo!, LookSmart, Open Directory Project, etc.) and even special interest sites. Other tools cannot submit to these directories and special interest sites.



WebPosition offers you a "Page Critic" feature that analyzes your web pages and provides advice on how to optimize your page contents to rank higher on the search engines.

As the next generation tool, IBP goes one step further: it offers you a real-time analysis of the top 10 search engine results in more than 75 aspects.

Suppose you want to know how to get a top 10 ranking for the search term "outdoor equipment" on IBP will tell you how to optimize your web site for exactly that search term on

The advice is based on the in-depth analysis of the current, up-to-the-minute top 10 results on for that search term and it is specifically for that search term and specifically for

IBP's high quality analysis results are always up to date, specific and accurate. You won't get that level of search engine optimization accuracy with any other tool.



There are many other features where IBP really shines, for example IBP creates PDF, HTML and MS Word reports which you can customize to your liking and which you can personalize and sell to your clients.



They have put a lot of thought in the design of the IBP user interface. IBP is very easy to use. Try the free Lite edition.



We're always improving IBP and program updates are free! You will not pay any upgrade fees when a new version comes out. If you had bought IBP 1.0, you'd have received IBP 2 and IBP 3 free of charge. Of course, search engine script updates cannot be made freely available, it's the same with WebPosition Gold (but note that IBP script updates are less expensive). So if you buy IBP now, you'll get all future IBP program updates for free.



IBP gives you the best value for your money.
IBP offers you 7 professional web site promotion tools in one inexpensive package. It helps you with all aspects of search engine optimization and web site promotion.

You don't have to purchase any other web site promotion software tools. If you've already bought Web Position Gold or another commercial web site promotion tool, you would be smart to switch to the more-bang-for-your-buck professional superior.

Even if you don't own another web site promotion software tool, it's a smart move to let IBP promote your site for top optimization results.

Help with all aspects of successful website promotion

With IBP, you'll get more visitors, more customers and more sales.
Download IBP Lite now and see for yourself.

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