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"Are You An Internet Marketer?"

Let me ask you a question, do you consider
yourself an Internet marketer?
If so, why?
What are the elements that one must claim
to become one?

Let me tell you a fact, the majority of people online
who are trying to make money will tell themselves
that they are Internet marketers, but they aren't even
close. They are InternetERS.

When all is said and done, the word "Internet" doesn't
mean anything. It is all about marketing. So are you
a marketer?

Let me take 95% of the so-called "Internet marketers"
out there and dissect them for you.

-They set up a web site selling a product, join an affiliate
  program, and/or join some other sort of opportunity.

-They then send traffic to that web site.

-If they do not make any sales, they move on to
 something else.

Actually, most don't even accomplish the traffic generation
part, but you get the idea. So is this anything close to what
you do? Better yet, is this what a marketer is? Not hardly..

To be successful on the net, to make tons of money, to
brand yourself as somebody who knows what they're
doing, you need to spend more time on marketing than
everything else put together.

Marketing isn't just sending traffic to a web page, it is a
combination of many things that make up a system.
Whether that system is effective or not, is determined
by marketing.

So to create multiple money machines, you must become
a marketer. Not a "program jumper" that hops from
program to program looking for the golden opportunity- a
marketer, plain and simple.

Remember these important points:

- You will learn best through trial and error, so start today

- To increase responses, you must test

- To generate traffic, you must advertise

- To generate more impact through advertising efforts,
  you must target

- To stay ahead of competition, you must research and

- To increase sales from existing contacts, you must follow

- To increase time to use on other projects, you must

So only until you do the above points on a regular
basis will you become an Internet marketer. Otherwise, you
are either a program jumper, or an Internet surfer.

Program jumpers and Internet surfers don't make much
money running businesses on the Internet.

The problem with the Internet is that it is cheap, and it
creates a cheap mentality.
You can get on the Internet
for $20 a month for access, and set up a web site for
$10 a month.

This is money that people can flat out waste every
month. But if you look at it through regular brick and
mortar eyes, where you have to pay full "rent and stock"
prices, you may take your business a little more seriously.

If you had to pay $500 per month for Internet access and
another $500 for web site hosting, then you had to pay
$5,000 upfront for stocking your product, you would
probably be much more serious about your business and
immediately become the best marketer that you could!

So why doesn't everybody do that now? Because the
Internet is cheap, and they are too comfortable and secure
with their current jobs.

But if you really want to make a solid-sizable income from
the net, then learn the ropes, take off the gloves and get
your hands dirty.

You need to be where the action is, to see any action.

Today is the first day of your Internet marketing career.
Start now and before you know it, you will be making the
kind of money that you want, and will be kicking yourself
for not  starting sooner... Trust me!

See you at the bank,
Wes Blaylock

Wes Blaylock is the creator of the Instant Visitors Private Program

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(c) 2001 by Wes Blaylock

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