Brand-new Dayton Wire Wheels

24K Gold Dayton Wire Wheels

More photos of these Dayton Wire WheelsTM

These brand-new Dayton Wire WheelsTM are 24K gold plated on the spokes, nipples, and two-prong spinners.  When the sun reflects off them, they look absolutely fantastic. They will enhance your show car to no end. Used Dayton Wire Wheels for sale...

These photos are of some older, used Dayton wire wheels. We now have some brand-new, never used, bought direct from Dayton, 100-spoke wire wheels. We will update this page as soon as we can get the new photos, thanks...

Each Dayton Wire WheelTM has 100 spokes (gold plated), and is 14 x 7 inches. The wheel design is called reverse radial lace because they indent inwards (see picture - they look sooo cool!).

Dayton Wire WheelsTM are considered the best quality wire wheels because they are made in the USA with very high quality standards. Dayton wire wheelsTM have been made since 1916! These are real genuine Dayton Wire WheelsTM.

"Dayton Wheel Products has focbrand-new on manufacturing the world's finest wire wheels. Produced completely in-house under strict quality control standards, Dayton Wire WheelsTM combine precision engineering, premium construction, and one-of-a-kind styling for a level of distinction and durability unmatched in the industry." From the Dayton Wire Wheel TM website

These 4 Dayton Wire WheelsTM do not come with any tires. The old used ones did come with installed Remington Maximum Radial P175/75R14 tubeless wide whitewall tires (see photos).

The four Dayton universal adapters are 5-bolt adapters that will fit both 4.75 or 5.00 sizes, which is what we had on my 1983 Cadillac Coup Deville as well as my 1964 Chevy Impala.  Check this for accruacy.

These 4 Dayton Wire Wheels were purchased brand new from  the Dayton manufacturing, USA.

We were selling them for US$2900 or $3000 CANADIAN or Best Offer*.

Installation Instructions for Knock-Off Wheels.

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