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Example of sites made with XSitePro -
XSitePro vs. FrontPage

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example of site made from xsitepro vs. frontpage

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By Paul Smithson...

There are so many benefits to using XSitePro that I wanted to run through some of the key benefits one at a time.

Before I tell you about some of the great features in Version 1.5 let me quickly recap on what XSitePro can do for you.

In a nutshell XSitePro is the Internet Marketer's answer to FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

It approaches the whole process of site design from an on-line marketer's perspective rather than from a web designers point of view.

With XSitePro you can produce top quality sites in hours rather than weeks and months and you don't need a college diploma in web site design to play.

If you've struggled trying to get to grips with FrontPage or Dreamweaver you'll find XSitePro is far easier to master.

It comes with a full-blown "what-you-see-is-what-you-get", which means you can see what your page is going to look like as you design it. There are also dozens of design wizards to help you insert key elements such as

  • testimonial boxes,
  • guarantee graphics,
  • highlighted text,
  • graphical frames,
  • even PayPal logos.

As you add more pages to your sites you can choose whether to have those pages added to the navigation menu. XSitePro will look after all of that for you AND update all the pages you've already created without you having to lift a finger.

Example of site made from xsitepro vs. frontpageYou can generate links pages and site maps with just a few mouse clicks and you can even check all your pages to make sure that they are optimized for the search engines.

So, not only does XSitePro help you to have great looking sites, it also helps you to create sites that rank well too - and all in a single piece of software.

One of the new features that's been a real hit with existing users is the Google Site Map creation tool.

You've probably read over the past few weeks that you can now submit a special XML site map directly to Google, and that this is likely to help with your search engine rankings.

"What's an XML site map?" I can hear you asking and "Haven't I seen tools being advertised for $97 that claim to do this Google site map stuff?".

Well, the great thing with XSitePro is that you don't need to know the technicalities as XSitePro does it all for you, and as it's included in the brand new version of the software you won't have to pay a single cent extra.

Keyword lacing example of site made from xsitepro vs. frontpage.

Another feature in the new version of XSitePro that really takes the software to the next level is the Import feature. Once you get the hang of this feature you really will be creating amazing sites in record time.

Let me give you an example of how it works.

Imagine you had a folder on your computer that had fifty articles in. These might be articles you've found at the various article directory sites or maybe you generated them using some software you already own. XSitePro can suck these in so they follow the same theme as the rest of the pages you've already created.

Another great new feature lets you preview Google Adsense ads BEFORE you insert them into your pages.

I'm sure you've seen Google Adsense ads on lots of web sites and maybe you've gone through the laborious process of logging into your Adsense account at Google, entering the settings for an ad and then cutting out the code and pasting it into your own pages.

With XSitePro you can forget all of this completely. All you do is right-click where you want the ad to appear, select the Adsense style you want - you can see exactly what it is going to look like in the preview window - and then click OK. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds.

If you've not implemented Google Adsense on your sites then XSitePro will make it so simple. It's a quick and easy revenue stream that's well worth considering.

If you already have AdSense ads on your sites you can use XSitePro to add channel capabilities and customize your AdSense ads to be exactly how you want them to be - and all without having to edit a single line of code.

We've also added a comprehensive list of tokens in the new version. Don't worry if you don't have a clue what tokens are - they're really easy to use. A token is simply a word surrounded by curly brackets that is replaced by something else when you publish.

For example if you typed the following text on one of your web pages:

Today's date is {%DATE%}.

when you published that page the token, i.e. {%DATE%}, would be replaced with the date so it would read:

Today's date is (and it would show today's date here - but this site is old-fashioned, made the laborious way and NOT with XSitePro - I wish it had been around when I created this website - Editor).

There are twenty-two tokens to choose from so you can do some pretty amazing stuff.

This kind of thing is terrific as it lets you do things that would normally require some serious programming expertise.

Keyword lacing: example of site made from xsitepro vs. frontpage.

Something else you'll find in the very latest version is a completely updated 419 page manual. Yes four-hundred- and-nineteen pages. This is not some flimsy excuse for an instruction book that leaves you with lots of unanswered questions, it's a detailed step-by-step manual that covers EVERY feature of the software.

Now, before you start thinking you are going to have to read the whole manual let me stress that it is NOT intended to be read from cover-to-cover. This is not the latest Harry Potter. It's a reference guide for those occasions when you get stuck and need some help. It's fully indexed so that you can find what you need help on quickly and easily, so you won't have to read through hundreds of pages to find what you are looking for - you can just find it in the index and turn straight to that page.

There's so much more that I could tell you about the software, but I hope that the above has whet your appetite and made you want to dash out and order a copy. I'm not saying that because I want to make an additional sale - we're already selling far more copies than we ever anticipated - but because I know that if you give it a chance you'll absolutely love it. It really will make your life easier.

If you are serious about making a success of your on-line ventures then XSitePro really is a terrific tool and one that you should get hold of immediately. It doesn't make sense to struggle along with tools that weren't designed with Internet marketing in mind.

Let me close with a few comments from people who have ordered over the past few days.

"XSitePro is a work of genius. Thanks!". That's from Matthew in the UK.

Reginald in Illinois says:
"I just have one word to describe this software AMAZING!".

And just in case you are wondering about whether XSitePro is worth the money here's what Björn in Belgium had to say:
"I think the software is a little low priced. You can easily charge more for it I think. Also this is the first time I bought something online I actually got more than expected."

We've done our best to make XSitePro into a must-have piece of software and not just another utility that's here today and gone tomorrow, which is why it is packed to the brim with features and why it comes with

  • a professional quality manual,
  • a step-by-step tutorial,
  • a user forum,
  • and a dedicated on-line support line to help you to get the most from the software.

So, the ball is in your court now. You can either plod along with what you are currently using or you can take the plunge and get hold of a tool that is designed to help you to make a success of all your on-line ventures. The choice is yours.

To order your copy just click on the link below.

Click here for more information on XSitePro

Orders are processed immediately so you will have your download link and registration details within a couple of minutes of placing the order - no matter what time of day it is. You can pay with any major credit card or via PayPal.

I hope we'll soon be welcoming you on board as a new user.

All the best,

Paul Smithson

Paul Smithson

President and CEO
Intellimon Ltd.

Click here to view the "7 Reasons Why You Need XSitePro Now!" video

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UPDATED FEATURES LIST (may be updated even more)

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- Google Sitemap creation. This is part of the Power Pack and allows you to create a Google Sitemap xml file that will be uploaded when you publish your site and can be submitted to Google to get your pages indexed faster.

- A powerful import function that will allow you to import pages that have been created with Content Desk, Article Automator, or from files on your hard drive.

- Tokens have been added which allow you to create variables in the multi page creation wizard, in the new import function and at the time of publishing.

- You can now add Channel codes for AdSense ads.

- 4 new AdSense formats have been added.

- The AdSense designer window now remembers the last settings you used when inserting an AdSense ad.

- A robots feature has been added so that you can control the robots.txt file and the robot headers on each page.

- You can now specify the name of the css file used for the page layout.

- There is now a new button
on the designer which will allow you paste code from Microsoft Word a lot more effectively. It will remove all of the extra formatting information which was previously causing layout problems.

- The Right click menu in designer is now updated to include files added using the File Manager on the Other tab as soon as they are added. The system used to only update this list when you restarted it.

- Added progress dialogs when you are loading the "To Do" reports to show that the system is creating the report.

- There has been a major revision in the way that projects and websites are selected. It is now in the form of a tree instead of two separate screens with lists.

- A completely updated manual. Over 100 pages have been added to the
manual since the last update.

- You can now automatically add scripts to every page directly above the closing body tag (ideal for ad trackers) in addition to adding them just above and just below the opening body tag.

- An option to publish files via FTP in non-passive mode has been added for servers that do not support passive mode.

- A new design wizard has been added which will allow you to create a testimonial box that includes code from Audio Generator.

Click here for more information on XSitePro

- A status bar has been added to the bottom of all screens that provides you with information such as the site you are currently working on, the number of sites in a project, the number of pages in a site, the date a site or project was created and the date a site was last published.

- A new page selection sub-routine has been added for when you need to select a page (e.g. to link to).

- On all the context menus that allow you to select a web page from another website or project within XSitePro, the context menu no longer displays all the pages. Instead you will now see a new webpage selection dialog.

- The backup settings have been changed so that you can now backup to any drive on your computer, including a networked drive.

- A completely revised tutorial.

- We have removed the meta generator tag from the headers of each web page.

- Changes to the layout of the Multipage Creation Wizard.

- Changes to the meta data that can be used in the Multipage Creation Wizard.

- The breadcrumb trail can now have some text before it.

- The publishing dialog has been simplified so that you only have to worry about the site you are working on.

- Any scripts or code added via the Snippets feature, or typed directly into the source tab, are now clearly labelled when viewing in the Design window.

- You can choose not to include the breadcrumb trail on the home page.

- New fonts have been added to the dropdown menus.

- Changed the order in which the buttons are laid out on the Other tab.

- Ability to reset cookies when previewing pop-ups.

- Option to have link to site map only on the home page.

- Completely updated online help system on pressing F1.

Click here to view the "7 Reasons Why You Need XSitePro Now!" video

Click here for more information on XSitePro  Download free PDF

Keyword lacing example of site made from XSitePro vs. FrontPage

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