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Use Internet directories to get more visitors...

Internet directories are often overlooked by webmasters because many of them deliver only little traffic. However, link directories offer many benefits to webmasters that are interested in getting more visitors.

Of course, one benefit of an Internet directory listing is that you'll get visitors directly from the directory. Another benefit is that a listing in an Internet directory also means that you get a link from a related web page.

Internet directory listings are good for your link popularity

    A listing in an Internet directory means a permanent text link to your web site. Search engines will find your web site through these links so that your web site is more often indexed.

    In addition, the more incoming links you have, the better your link popularity number. As you know, links from related pages increase the ranking of your web site on search engines and consequently they also increase number of visitors you get.

    That's not the only way in which Internet directories can help you to increase the link popularity of your site.

Internet directories also help you to find topic related link partners

    Internet directories are the ideal place to find potential link partners. For example, has a detailed classification system with categories and sub-categories that allows you to quickly find web sites that are related to yours.

    All of the listed sites that are in the same category as your site in an Internet directory are theme and topic related to yours. Special interest directories often contain even better potential link partners.

    Go to the category in which your own web site fits and you'll find many sites that are related to yours.

How to quickly find all important Internet directories

    A list of all important Internet directories can be found in IBP. Download the free demo version and click the "Supported Search Engines" button in the main window.

    IBP also allows you to quickly submit your web site to Internet directories by filling out most of the forms for you. IBP helps you to submit your web site to search engines, Internet directories and even special interest sites.

How to quickly manage all sites from a directory category

    Of course, you can manually search for links partners within an Internet directory, contact these web sites and keep track of the sites you've already contacted.

    If you use a tool like ARELIS, the link exchange campaign will be managed much easier. ARELIS

  • allows you to quickly import all links of an Internet directory category
  • allows you to contact the web site owners
  • keeps track of the web sites you've already contacted
  • it allows you to quickly create a links page with the newly imported links
  • and much much more!
  • To import a directory page in ARELIS, select "Import Manager..." from the Project menu. The Import Manager window opens. Now select the option "Import links from web page".

Internet directories are much more than they seem at first look. They help you to get more visitors through the direct link and they also help you to increase the link popularity of your web site.

In addition, they help you to find topic and theme related link partners. Don't overlook Internet directories when you promote your web site.

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Remember, there is more than Google in the Search Engine world! Yahoo, MSN, and others are worth investing your time in.

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