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FrontPage and DreamWeaver were both great pieces of software but they were not designed with Internet Marketers in mind. XSitePro was, which is why it has rapidly become the web site development tool of choice for Internet Marketers who are serious about running a profitable online business.

During every stage of the development process one should have the Internet Marketing in mind, which is why the software is packed to the brim with features that are designed especially to make your life easier and to maximize the chance of online success. We have a special page that has example of site made from xsitepro vs. frontpage... Here are some (new) free videos that highlight what this program can do for creation and marketing of your websites.

Whether you are a complete newbie to Internet Marketing or a long-established online entrepreneur you will find that XSitePro will:

  • Cut development time down massively (what previously took days and weeks will take hours and minutes)
  • Allow things that were previously only possible by employing costly programmers and web development staff, which means that you control your web site and not the techies.
  • Let you concentrate on building your online business rather than allowing untold hours to be soaked up developing web sites.
  • Take away the frustration of web site development so that running your online business becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.
  • Put tools at your disposal which will allow you to take your new or existing business to the next level of success. Watch a video on how easy it is to integrate a shopping cart on your website.
  • Make it easy to keep your web sites up-to-date so that they don't end up becoming cobwebs (i.e. like the vast majority of Internet Marketing web sites that are rarely if ever updated because it is just too much trouble using conventional tools)

XSitePro really is an Internet marketers dream. It provides you with a web site development tool that lets you focus on building a profitable on-line business rather than wasting days, weeks and months pulling your hair out. Yes, it does require an investment in time to master it, but as you can see from all the many testimonials above and on the testimonials page even complete newbies can be up and running with the software in a short period of time if they follow the tutorial.

So now you have a choice. You can continue to struggle along with tools that were not really designed with Internet entrepreneurs in mind or you can invest in your future and get hold of XSitePro now.

Click here now for more about XSitePro. Download free brochure in PDF

Drive Your Website Profits Through the Roof- Discover the latest breakthrough Popup Technology!
Enjoy a Massive Surge in Sales, Commissions and Subscribers using Profit-Building Next Generation Popups.

Click to find out more about running a website business... -- Course for webmasters - how to run a website business.

Click for more about selling your services on the Internet... -- Free e-book for local service businesses - how to make an effective website.


" Make My Site Sell" is the book that supercharges our websites. Throughout this website (Pacific Websites) are a few gems of information. This is one of them! This Canadian company, SiteSell, has excellent products that help small business owners make a business out of their websites. They will help to:
  • find niche markets for your products
  • develop an effective website
  • use others to sell for you - affiliation
  • become highly knowledgeable about internet marketing
  • make money online with a website

Click here to find out more about this all-inclusive online business. Tap into the power of the Internet.


Every computer should have a backup plan - what would it be like if YOUR computer got stolen tonight? You can replace the computer, but the information that is on it would be lost, unless you had a backup. For instance, your email addresses and messages - could you reinstall the passwords tomorrow?  Backups are essential. We recommend putting a plan in action RIGHT NOW if you don't have one. Read more about automatic backups.



For a great program that will save you hours of time in finding, sorting, and checking all aspects of reciprocal website linking, go to Reciprocal Links, a top-rated reciprocal link exchange program that helps you to generate free, targeted traffic to your Web site. A software program that get lots of new and return visitors to your Web site. It finds potential partners, email addresses, sends emails, categorizes listings, and creates the links pages. Pacific Websites uses this program for our clients - ask to see examples.

Another program for increasing numbers of your website visitors is called ZEUS. Used properly, it can find relevant websites to link to, find the contact email, organize a database of possibilities, and generate more targeted traffic. It will help you find the all important relevant links, but you still have to do some work to make it work. We have tried this, twice, and found it to be too unwieldy. We much prefer the one above, by a very long shot!

Total automatic management of your e-business - what the pros use themselves - the more you automate, the more business you can handle, and the better service you give your customers. Recently upgraded. Website development, sales letters, follow-up autoresponders, affiliate program integration, credit card processing, ebooks, digital delivery, marketing, tracking -- and that's just for starters! Click for more...

SEO software for Windows

Tips from marketing professionals that we use everyday, day after day.

We are a member of TechVibes and there is a good forum worth reading for more information about internet marketing.

Wordtracker is the program we rent to research the top keywords searched for on the internet that have a low competition rate. You can rent it yourself, or we can do it for you. It is a lot of work (you have to sift thorough thousands and thousands of words), but it has proved invaluable for marketing products and services. Essential. An absolute must.

A program that goes one step further than Wordtracker is the NicheFinder keyword research tool. Unfortunately they have gone out of business. Wordtracker is still number one. Today, on the Internet, the business is all about keywords. Customers enter keywords in search engines when they need something. Merchants optimize their sites, or pay for keywords when they want to sell something. So, if you want to understand the market and get your slice, then you absolutely have to know what keywords are used, and how often. That's exactly what NicheFinder keyword research software was good for. It could find you hundreds (or even thousands) of keywords used in your target market, and give you the exact statistics, from both demand and supply points of view. All done quickly and easily, leaving your competitors far behind. Free trial for the Wordtracker to see how easy it is to use. We use the Wordtracker program to find niches for our clients.

Affiliating is allowing others to sell your product or service for you. An excellent book that explains all the ins-and-outs about getting the most for your efforts is James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook. "...simple, practical advice, that will get you to the top of the search engines." 257 pages to guide you through the EXACT process of building high-traffic websites. Easy reading, but practical. James is one of the "top dogs" in the affiliate industry, and has even made a movie to show that he is a real person. You can work at home with doing this..

Affiliate Buzz - Listen twice a month as James Martell talks about the "ups" and "downs" of affiliate marketing. FREE sound samples!

PayPal makes it easy to send or collect money from anyone with an e-mail address. There are over 25 million users (way back in August 2003!). Perfect solution for smaller websites to sell goods or services online. See how we use it on Pacific Websites.

Alternately, Click Bank accepts credit cards with no monthly fee. It is fast and super secure. (for online digital products or services only)

Acrobat Maker Make up to 10 pages of an Acrobat file for free at http://createpdf.adobe.com.

"Make My Site Sell" is the book that supercharges our websites. Throughout this website are a few gems of information. This is one of them!


"WebPosition Gold" - automation of search engine submissions, is no longer in business. Amazingly, the "new" version in its time use to makes human-like submissions. Saves hours of time, savings which can pass on to clients. The other essential time saver. We use the IBusinessPromotor to do all this now, and more as the time passes and programs get smarter and smarter. They have been in business since before the year 2000.

New competition/b> to WebPosition Gold offers more for less money. It is made by the same company that produces the linking program that we use to make websites more popular on the Internet - both with viewers and search engines. Internet Business Promoter is a suite of 10 professional web promotion tools in one software application. All of the tools are designed to assist web developers with all aspects of web site promotion and search engine optimization. We found that IBP's strength was in the website submission options. Once a site is created it must be submitted to search engines and directories. IBP streamlines and simplifies the submission process, saving significant amounts of time. See the comparison.  Free trial of IBP.  Direct link to latest IBP version's features.

Michel Fortin is one of the best copywriters in the world. He has helped hundreds of websites get higher conversion rates. If your site is getting traffic but not sales, click here. We subscribe to his free newsletters and get lots of valuable tips on writing words that sell.

Webmasters or website owners who want to use pop-ups to encourage people to subscribe to a newsletter, or to be informed of a special offer, have Dynamic Popup Generatorbeen thwarted lately because of the myriad of Pop-up Blockers that have appeared (including the Windows XP Service Pack 2). So what is one to do? We are happy to have located a super solution for this dilemma - it works on DHTML, so is outside of any Pop-up Blocker's radar. You may have seen these - they sometimes cleverly slide in from the side, are easily closed, yet some web promoters are finding they have a higher conversion rate that the old blockers! More info here. It can be triggered upon entry (with or without a several second delay), on various types of exits, and by a specific link. The pop-up window can be configured according to position, size, behaviour, color, etc. You can determine how often it is shown. (I set mine to "only once", in order to NOT annoy my visitors.) Read more about this new tool.

  Increase your web site's revenue today

Click here to view the "7 Reasons Why You Need XSitePro Now!" free video
(a website builder with SEO built in)


Are you a serious Internet Marketer?

  1. For inexpensive website hosting, we used to recommend the starter package at "DollarHost.com". It's about US$6.99. NOT NOW RECOMMENDED, was off-line too much. This New Link will go to our favourite, Hostgator..
  2. For a moderate inexpensive hosting we offer Website Hosting, including a great tracker. Call us about details. The website hosting market is constantly changing - for the benefit of the consumer. This is Pacific Websites very own hosting offering for our clients - it has been going steady for over 6 years!
  3. For more robust hosting of your website we recommend (highly! - we use it ourselves) the US$7.77  package at   PowWeb - no more - use HostGator instead. They offer everything you will probably ever need in hosting along with an easy-to-use control panel. The price is kept low because they only have one package. It's easy to use because it's simple...

    Occasionally, they offer an extra $5.00 off if you put "take5" in the coupon code field (without the quotes). It may be on this month , maybe not, but try it anyway. Sometimes they have an extra month or two thrown in for free. Either way, bonus or not, it's still a great deal.

Internet marketing is not easy! Sit back and learn more at: Instant Visitors 

Internet Marketing Warriors - their Forum gives constant, relevant marketing information. It alone has made this web work easier and us more productive.


Email is without doubt...

...the most important Internet technology available. Email is the most used aspect of the internet. With that in mind, to make sure that you have the right tools available, we investigated 3 different programs that can take the work load out of email handling. Each has its own characteristics, and costs.

Update December 2015: Getting your emails out through all the new spam-catching programs has become very difficult. Get Response is proving it's value as an email marketing program by carefully paying close attention to the latest trends. I am impressed by how many professional organisations use its services. Try it out: GetResponse Email Marketing.

Update 2016: If you are starting out on a new website, there is a program which we believe is far superior to these mail programs listed below. It has the similar - if not better, in some cases - features as below, yet combines website building, promotion, affiliating, all for at a low price (lower, in some instances). You could purchase this program (and have us "hand hold" you through doing it yourself, if needed).

  1. Do you spend your time marketing and promoting your business, and allowing software to do all your "dirty work" for you? You should! There is software that will automatically filter your email, run your newsletters, import your leads or orders into a database, email your personalized customer database, take care of an unlimited amount of auto responses, etc. One time purchase price of about $US379. Save time with Mailloop...
  2. Another mail program that will look after sign-ups, unsubscribers, address changes, etc. for a small monthly fee is Aweber.  AWeber is one of the few autoresponder/newsletter email service provider with extended customer service hours of 7AM - 7PM (EST). Along with over 10 years of experience reliably delivering opt-in email to subscribers inboxes this is a very big advantage over the competitors.

    When you need help, talking to someone on the phone or via live chat can make a huge difference in getting your problem solved fast.

    For newbies trying to navigate the world of building an email opt-in list having reliable, friendly, expert support only a toll free phone call, email, or livechat away can make all the difference in their success for failure. Try their trial for a month (free) to see if you find it easy to use. Click to find out more: Aweber..
  3. You can send highly professional, formatted messages that are personalized for each of your recipients, using your desktop or the program's sender, Group Mail. Process subscription requests, remove requests, and bounces easily and quickly directly from any number of email accounts. Responses are sent automatically to successful requests. Look for the free version, it may be quite adequate for your needs, and is for an unlimited time. Updated April 2016.

One-on-one Internet marketing and business consultation. Free. No hype. No Spam. No bull. 100% GUARANTEED. We signed up for this, used it, and then cancelled and got a full refund. You might as well take advantage of this before they change it. Click now for access. Sorry, this has been discontinued.


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Last updated: April, 2016. Prices in US dollars, and due to constant changes on the Internet and international currencies, information may only be approximate.