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Some websites we have worked with...

If you need help with your business, here are examples
of some work we have done...

Pacific Websites' President, Alan.  Welcome!"Do You Want a Website or Do You Want a Business?"

There is a BIG difference between having a pretty-looking website and having a website that is successful. Website design is a totally different aspect than website promotion. We see a lot of websites that make their owners happy because they can see their name on the Internet - but serious business people know that doesn't make a successful site!
Read about some of the improvements completed, below, or click on the links to see the websites. Call to find out more, or just to ask us specific questions about design  or promotion. We will help you have a successful website! View some of the designs below, or click for latest designs with *features*

Your new site

could be here! 
portocall nanaimo motel
Port-O-Call Nanaimo Motel 
a WordPress website)
port edward harbour
Port Edward Harbour Authority 

Sometimes a dishonest eBay user

has to be disclosed!

BC Tuna

Interior Exterior Painting

Safe Haven Shelters

Comox Harbour

Comox Valley Inn

Laughter Yoga

Comox Bay Marina
The Grizzly Bear Tour Report from Telegraph Cove, B.C.
Grizzly Bear Tours Blog
Floating Stone Asian Silks...
Floating Stone Asian Silks
Catherine Reid -- Yoga Teacher
 Catherine Reid, Yoga Teacher

A Garden Cottage Retreat

Courtenay Car Centre

Old Growth Connections

My Pacific Hosting

Seabreeze Cottage

Comox Druming

Davis Road Farm House

Michael Brown Workshop
Kye Bay Cottages
Walker Hats
Trees To Please

Emu Oil Products

German Cowboy Book, Carvings
The Imp Journal

Grizzly Bear Tour Photos Blog

Your website

could be here!

Home page is created using single background image
Toenail Fungus Treatments

Upper Island Motors

Farmers Market (changed)

Coastal Countertops (defunct)

Communication Without Conflict

The Indian Boutique (defunct)
"Non-underlined sites are discussed below"

(from scratch)
Tartan Lady B & B
Merville Station
Comox Valley Harbour Authority
Tiderip Tours
Pass It On...
Running Bear Enterprises
Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce
Glacier Heritage Club
Grid Capital Corporation (designed)
Golf Mississippi Coast
Rental Resources Mississippi
HerbaLab and LifeWave
Bellevue Massage School
Vancouver Island Bed and Breakfast
B.C. Harbour Authority Association
 (database, forum)
Killer Whale Watching
Coastal Countertops

Upper Island Motors     
Old Growth Connections    
Emu Oil   
Garden Cottage Retreat


Filberg Festival
Comox Valley Exhibition
Beauty Mud
Strathcona Wilderness
Head Injury Society
Sport-Smart Hats and Caps

Emu Oil and Skin Rashes
Blue Cap Distributors
Biloxi Beach Houses
Ecological Health

Foskett Bed and Breakfast
Starting Life Over
(sales letter)
Accepting Life Changes
Seabreeze Cottage
Center for Expressive Therapy
Vancouver Island Hostels
Biloxi Condo Vacations
Kye Bay Cottages

Comox Valley Inn   
Grizzly Bear Tours Report The Grizzly Bear Tour Report from Telegraph Cove, B.C.
Grizzly Bear Tour Photos The Grizzly Bear Tour Photos from Telegraph Cove, B.C.  
Comox Valley Drumming list



Read below for some specific examples of how we have helped
with website design, promotion, or maintenance... We apologise for some of the information being out-of-date, we are just too busy (read "successful") to keep this information current.


futspa #1 listing! Our News                  Graph of visitors

  1. Toenail Fungus
  2. Rewrote to make Search Engine friendly
  3. Research to find what keywords are used the most regarding the client's products. Based on this research, we wrote the home page all about the keyword.
  4. Created purchase forms for FAX and mail-in.
  5. Designed pop-ups for ingredient lists.
  6. This site gets 16-and-climbing visits a day and orders have started to come in. The first online orders in 3 years!
  7. FLASH! March: 30 visitors/day and climbing!
  8. FLASH! April: 38 visitors/day and still climbing!
  9. FLASH! May: 51 visitors/day and still climbing!
  10. FLASH! June: 92 visitors/day and still climbing!
  11. FLASH! July: 210 visitors/day and still climbing!
  12. FLASH! 1 year later: over 400 visitors/day!
  13. Over 800,000 unique visitors since March 2004.
  14. Added secure payment method (PayPal) so sales increased.
  15. February moved website to new domain name,, with more robust hosting.
  16. Owner is delighted with website sales.
  17. Associated site for fungus photos.
  18. We can help your site to have top listings in search engines and directories too.
Grid Capital Corporation  
  1. Designed website from scratch, with client's information
  2. Found suitable photos for background
  3. Scanned documents for viewing online
  4. Navigation to outside sites as instructed
  5. Updates (press releases, etc.) as requested by owner (Website Maintenance - fast and cost-effective)

Created three 'keyword-specific" web pages,
common rashes, natural cough remedies, and natural remedies for asthma:

Common Rashes
Natural Cough Remedies
Natural Remedies for Asthma

  1. These pages first showed up on Google in about 3 weeks in number 6, 10 and 16th positions With a little more tweaking and linking strategies, we are confident we will be able to achieve even higher listings.
  2. We continue to promote this site in various other search engine optimisation methods.
Sailing Charters 
 #2 listing on Google for "British Columbia sailing charters"

#1 lisiting Google for "sailing charter"   <<<take a look!

  1. Reviewed web site to recommend what was needed to make the site more effective
  2. Rewrote entire site to make information clearer and easier to navigate.
  3. Scanned new photographs, optimized for web. Result: faster loading pages. Testimonial from owner  
  4. Added testimonials for believability.
  5. Optimized pages so it will be found on search engines.
  6. Found less expensive host (saving: about $120 a year).
  7. Made email address on website spam-proof.
  8. See graph of increasing visitor traffic
  9. Your website can benefit from similar tweaking. Call us today.
Tartan Lady - Estuary B & B   Amazing #1 top listings in Google
  1. Gave free web site review - found only 2 links to site and search results quite poor.
  2. Reduced image byte sizes so pages loads faster - one page from 46 seconds down to 12 seconds, with even giving more information!
  3. Researched keywords to find niche for their product, Scottish tartan weaving lessons in a Bed and Breakfast.
  4. Rewrote site to add more information and keywords.
  5. Scanned and added pictures.
  6. Scoured the internet to find appropriate sites to get links FROM.
  7. New pages are Links, Samples, Testimonials, and Map (online)
  8. Embedded visitors' comments throughout site (adds to believability).
  9. "Tell a friend" added to help spread the word.
  10. Added tracker to view visitors stats - they'll be coming!
  11. Optimized web pages before submitting to Search Engines and Directories.
  12. Ongoing maintenance program - the owner asks for our opinions about the marketing proposals she receives.


Baseball Hats     #3 Listing on Google!
  1. This website needed a new way for online ordering. We set up PayPal, a secure, inexpensive method of online payment.
  2. The images all needed optimizing to make the site load faster.
  3. Changes to phone numbers, copyright date, address, were made swiftly and efficiently
  4. Keywords relating to the site were researched and a high traffic page was created. Little League Baseball Rules
    #3 Listing on Google!
    More traffic comes to this page than the main home page!
  5. A "Links" page was made and reciprocal links requested and added.
  6. Visitors increasing from 15/day to 60/day in one month!
  7. See stats of over 600/day visitors!May - had 605 visitors in one day! Click on the graph.
  8. Several new products have been added and have become key sellers.
  9. Wholesale Hats, a very generic term (and profitable) comes up #2 on Google February.
  10. May - over 1,000 unique visitors in one day entitles membership to the "Over 1000/day Club"
  11. Ongoing maintenance by Pacific Websites
  12. We would love to help you have the same success - call us today.
Emu Oil
  1. Website has been built and operated by owner for several years.
  2. A website review was done and suggestions made for improvement.
  3. Keywords relating to the business were researched and a new page created to get more targeted traffic. Skin Rashes
  4. Corresponding products pages were modified and several "Popup" windows were created (17 in all!)
  5. Images on the website were optimized for faster loading.
  6. Better navigation structure within present confines was made
  7. Ongoing consultations with web owner
  8. Building link partners on "Links" page, which has helped to make this site "Number 1" on Google for their chosen keyword!
  9. Added a simple, secure, online purchasing - now the orders are coming in!
Courtenay B and B
  1. Required an inexpensive "get me more traffic!" program
  2. Reviewed and reduced load times of all pages, some from 64 seconds down to 16 seconds! The previous "webmaster" had image formats mixed up, using .gifs instead of .jpegs.
  3. Fixed broken links and added many more to their "Links" page
  4. Gave site owner suggestions for improving links with a reciprocal link request email
  5. Improved META tags for more relevancy
  6. Website Maintenance - new photos taken, and uploaded to website, to show new gardens and improved entrance.
  7. This bed and breakfast (Cason House) is now closed - but we used it's traffic to benefit another client - innovation, smart thinking, and helping their online presence!


Pass It On... Antiques
  1. Antiques website from scratch
  2. Used OsCommerce so owner could add her products, prices, and categories herself
  3. Note: this site is now offline.
  4. Hosting and emails set up.
  5. Designed "pop down" navigation menu
  6. Note: this site not "finished" yet, it needs more products added.
  7. Having a "Search this website" feature helps show what people are looking for.

The Imp Journal  Motivation

  1. Assisted owner in writing to SELL
  2. Designed and built web site
  3. Found low cost site hosting $4.50/month
  4. Enabled "catch-all" email service
  5. Manipulated images
  6. Set up an inexpensive payment method (PayPal) for t-shirts and book for online ordering.
  7. Assisted owner in design constraints.
  8. Added popup windows to entice visitors to sign up for newsletter
  9. Handle maintenance
  10. Building links to and from other websites.


Filberg Festival and Garden Show  
  1. Amalgamated 3 websites into one, into It was Festival, Garden Show, and Park and Lodge on three different websites!
  2. Found reliable hosting with LOTS of disc space and HUGE transfer capacity.
  3. Made an image map to show off the various guest artists.
  4. Helped to set up various emails and showed their webmaster how to "hide" the emails from spam collectors.
  5. Followed instructions to make navigation clear and simple.
  6. Obtained maps for visitors to find Comox Valley.
  7. Reduced loading times of images - from 144 seconds to 20 seconds on one page!
  8. Updating and ongoing maintenance 2003 - 2011.
Merville Station  Train Accommodation
A request for a web site to be made quickly
was delivered on time.
  1. Domain name registration obtained for $32 US for 2 years (the economical way to advertise!)
  2. Site hosting located for $62 US/year
  3. Pictures, supplied by the owners, were scanned, and optimized.
  4. Research was done to find an old (1986) picture of the owner's caboose, and permission was obtained for its use on website.
  5. Logo designed.
  6. Local knowledge was used to write the text.
  7. Free "tracker" found and installed - now two!
  8. A "Christmas Trees for Sale" page was made for local information.
  9. NOTE: This website has not been optimized for the search engines.


Fly Fishing      Running Bear Tours
  1. Note: this website has been discontinued. We have been in the industry long enough to see some businesses come and go. We have the experience to help your website succeed.
  2. Made right from scratch, this site has a "rustic feel" which matches the tours
  3. Helped with the writing of the general text
  4. Assisted in getting testimonials, links.
  5. Added a "Tell a friend about this site" to increase visibility.
  6. Optimized photos for faster downloading
  7. Purchased a new domain name (Canadian)
  8. Secured a great hosting package
  9. Made all email links SPAM-FREE.
  10. Added a "Our time now is..." to avoid middle-of-the-night phone calls (!)
  11. Scoured the internet to find other references to their tours (see Adventure review), and added to the website.
Glacier Heritage Power and Equipment Club
  1. Gathered information from old website and
    created new one as per instructions from owners
    (old site had unwanted ads on it)
  2. Enhanced all photos and images so they load
  3. Combined a new navigation structure with a search
    feature to make the information easily found
  4. Helped to obtain inexpensive hosting
  5. The club loves their new website!
  6. Ongoing photo additions 2002 - 2007.


Web sites need to be:

  • Easy to navigate - viewers have to find your information, fast.
  • Attractive - your site has to have at least the basics: images (pictures) and text (information).

  • Seen - let the search engines find your site by correct optimization and linking.

Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce  
  1. Pacific Websites handles the updating and maintenance of this well-used informational website.
  2. We have made the images on the site load faster.
  3. The "Search" feature was rewritten to be easier to understand and use.
Comox Valley Harbour Authority
This site was previously created, so we made improvements to get more transient visitors to use the marina. Moorage increased almost double in the summer! A real success story.
  1. Rewrote the text to provide more solid information while making the Search Engines happy
  2. Entered META TAGS into the background HTML 
  3. Supplied more pictures to make the site more interesting, as well as "tagging" them to make the Search Engines happier still.
  4. Optimized all the images so that the loading times were greatly reduced. From 113 seconds down to 12 seconds on one page!
  5. Added trackers to find out how many visitors were finding the web site, and where exactly they came from
  6. Added lots of links to other sites
  7. Asked and obtained links FROM other sites
  8. Real life occurrence: by watching the site statistics we noticed that people were searching for "BUY FISH FROM FISHERMEN" and being directed to the "Fish Sales" page of this client. We are recommending to sell ad space on that page to fish brokers.
  9. Recommended and obtained new domain name July, 2002: Fishermans Wharf and in 2010, another domain name, The old site was kept up for SEO reasons - another way for visitors to find the business.
  10. Hid email address to robot spiders to reduce spam.
  11. Continuing to add photos of dock scenes, boats, and mariners.
Grizzly Bear Tours
  1. This web site is another success story with a grizzly bear tour company, Tiderip Tours.
  2. They have visitors from Europe, USA, Asia, etc., and have a steady 65 visitors/day (as opposed to the often misleading term "hits").
  3. Over 80% of bookings are as a result of having the website.
  4. The site was optimized for much faster loading and better navigation.
  5. We have been a major consultant on how to increase site visitors.
Another example of a previously created site, it was up to us to improve it. This is a huge site (400 pages!) and  put together by many different people over several years. An organizational nightmare! What did we do?
  1. Changed the appearance so it was easier to navigate
  2. Checked and rewrote many pages to produce a uniformity to the site, and make the site more current.
  3. Researched the visitor files to see why  visitors were there (mostly for jobs)
  4. Added links to images - again, for easier navigation
  5. Rewrote the META TAGS  to properly reflect what was on the pages. Benefit: Search Engine visits!
  6. Redesigned the Calendar pages for easier navigation using colors, linked text, and Server Side Includes (SSI).
  7. Made up a guide for future Valleylinks' Webmasters to help them in their efforts. This may help you too.
  8. In short, we improved the site immensely, and can do the same for you.
Strathcona Park Wilderness Institute
  1. Website needed updating - consulted with owners and brought everything up to date.
  2. Added photos pages
  3. Rewrote copy to encourage donations
  4. Created form so donations could be accepted
  5. Purchased new domain name (easier to remember than the old one)
  6. Found inexpensive hosting
  7. Ongoing maintenance, linking to other sites, requesting links from other sites.
Comox Valley Fall Fair Exhibition
  1. A "new look" for the Comox Valley Fall Fair, made from scratch.
  2. Researched the new domain name.
  3. Hundreds of entries had to be indexed and made easy to locate.
  4. A map was scanned to help people find the Fair.
  5. This site will make it much easier for next year's organizers.
  6. February: Pacific Web Sites continues to improve this site, with Sponsors Listings, Search Engine submissions, and Maintenance.
  7. Ongoing website maintenance 2003 to 2007.
Beauty Mud
This site was created right from scratch.
  1. Consulting with the client for his needs
  2. Researching and choosing the domain name
  3. Designing the navigation structure
  4. Obtaining affordable hosting
  5. Putting it all together, and
  6. Uploading to the Internet
  7. We taught the owner how to make changes to the site himself, so he saves money. Note: this proved to be a false saving, as the site got compromised and put into shambles.  Another  good reason to hire a professional. See website maintenance.
  8. This website has been given over to another webmaster; it has changed a fair amount.
What do you do to get your internet promotion off the ground? Take a good look at where things stand, decide where you want to go, and let your plan lay out how you will get there. We are here to help you onto the Internet.
Comox Valley Head Injury Society
  1. Previously created, this site needed an announcement about their June Conference.
  2. We also added better navigation, an excellent free tracker, and META tags so the search engines would find and index the site better.
  3. Great colors!
Microsoft Corporation
  1. No, we haven't worked with the Microsoft website. Just thought you would get a chuckle if you read this far...We do have a sense of humour. Call us today!

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