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To Help You Design, Create, Promote, and Maintain Your Internet Presence.

Consulting...your questions are always answered clearly andInternet consulting is a valuable way to become informed. professionally. We can explain the process in layman's terms. Need a free review of your site? Ask us.

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Research...with our fabulous tools we can find out:

  • Viruses - is it for real or a hoax?

  • Who is linking TO your competition

  • Which keywords that relate to your business have low competition

  • How your web site rates on various search engines

  • Where to locate other quality web sites to link to

  • If your choice of name has been trademarked

  • What a web site used to look like - we used 4-year archives when researching our own domain name

  • If what you want to know is on the Internet

  • If you need research, just ask

I am thrilled with your prompt reply concerning the SS Joan painting by W . Chapman. I plan to check the sites that you so kindly found for me. We were in B.C. a few years ago and just loved it. Thanks again!
           Sincerely. Roy Fells, Nova Scotia

Design or Creation...with your needs and our skills and tools, together we can build an effective web site. We do not manually count words and keywords on a page (a program does that). Creation of a navigation structure for your web site is made easy by another program. We ensure that your E-mail address will not be spammed, yet viewers can contact you easily. the world of "bricks and mortar" stores, a key ingredient for success is location, location, location. People can see your store as they drive by. In the online world, being found by a search engine query is the main key to success, as here the customer is looking for what you have! Optimize your site to get targeted visitors.


Maintenance...keeping your web site looking up to date and fresh will keep customers coming back. Does your current web site look tired and need attention? We love improving sites!

"I want to say that I continue to be impressed with the quality of our website & the continuing changes that keep it fresh...I will also do what I can to sent clients your way." Comox Valley Harbour Authority staff, British Columbia.

Photographic Scanning...with our Visioneer 7600 scanner, your pictures can be scanned, cropped, and optimized. Optical Character Recognition allows a document on paper to be put in digital form. No typing!

E-mail Tips...did  you know that every e-mailWeb site email tips have great ways to advertise your business. you send out can have your ad automatically added after your signature? Also, an auto responder can immediately send out a "Your message has been received" to any enquiry you get? We can also show you how to avoid getting your e-mail address put on a spam list.

Photography...Pictures can tell a story, and we can take them for you.

Proofreading...our proof-reader staff devours poor spelling and grammar mistakes! For web sites or important documents, this service will help make your work look professional.

Affiliating...with others can increase your profits. Other people can sell your goods for you. is an opportunity for you or your staff to

  • learn efficient ways to use E-mail, and avoid viruses

  • make powerful and exact searches on the Internet

  • use short-cuts with Microsoft Word, Adobe PhotoShop, etc.

  • ensure your computer data is secure

  • keep your computers running at optimum

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