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North Vancouver Island Services
addresses and phone numbers in...

Comox, Courtenay, Comox Valley, Campbell River, Cumberland, Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Woss, Alert Bay addresses and telephone numbers of...

Comox Valley activities, clubs, sports, pubs, dances, bands
Alcoholism Libraries
Chambers of Commerce Museums
Churches (updated) Parks
Clubs Seniors
Crisis Centres Social Service
Drug Addiction Volunteers (updated)
Employment / Jobs Women
Hospitals Youth
Information Services United Way supported

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Telephone Area Codes are all 250 unless otherwise noted.
If you have any suggestions or corrections, please send a short note. Thanks.


A A-Alcoholics Anonymous
Courtenay 338-8042

Alcohol and Drug / Mental Health Program
Mount Waddington Community Health Council
7070 Shorncliffe, Port Hardy 949-8611

Alcohol and Drug Program Mount Waddington
Community Health Council
1700 Campbell Way, Port McNeil 956-2232

Alcoholics Anonymous Recovering Group
Campbell River 287-3133

Clearview Centre
967 Haliburton Avenue, Nanaimo 753-9968

Comox Valley Recovery Centre
641 Menzies Avenue, Courtenay 338-7144

Comox Valley Transition Society
Courtenay 338-1227

Edgewood-A Treatment Facility
Call No Charge 1800683-0111

North Island Alcohol and Drug Education
and Information Society

910 Island .Hwy, Campbell River 287-4771

North Island Assessment and Referral Service Society EFAP
5A-1705 Campbell Way, Port McNeil 956-3144

PM Addictions Counselling
Call No Charge 1 866 801-8111

Strathcona Counselling
106-301 Dogwood Street, Campbell River 286-0820
Fax 338-0316

Strathcona Counselling
325A 11th Street, Courtenay 338-0311

Sunshine Coast Health Centre
Daniel Jordan/General Manager
2174 Fleury Road, Powell River, V8A 4Z2
Toll-Free: 1-866-487-9010
Fax: 604-487-9012
24-bed, private adult residential treatment facility for chemical dependency.

Upper Island Women's Day Treatment
2194 McKenzie Avenue, Comox 339-3585
Fax 339-3595


CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE       back to top

Campbell River and District Chamber of Commerce
900 Alder Street, Campbell River 287-4636
   Visitor Information Centre
   Tyee Plaza, 1235 Shoppers Row, Campbell River

Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce
2040 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 334-3234

Cumberland Chamber of Commerce
2755 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland 336-8313

Port Hardy and District Chamber of Commerce
P0 Box 249, 7250 Market Street, Port Hardy 949-7622

Port McNeil and District Chamber of Commerce
Visitor Information Centre
351 Shelley Crescent, Port McNeil 956-3131

CHURCHES - ANGLICAN - CATHOLIC - etc. back to top


Anglican Church of Canada St Peters
228 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River 286-1613
Hall 286-9663


Anglican Church of Canada Christ Church
Alert Bay 974-5401

Anglican United Fellowship
175 Cedar, Port McNeil 956-3533

Church of St John The Divine
579 5th Street, Courtenay 334-4331

St Columba's United-Anglican Church
9190 Granville, Port Hardy 949-6247

St Peter's Church
218 Church, Comox 339-2923
Halls 339-5414


Baha'i of Campbell River
John and Judy Hollywood
642 Glenalan Road, Campbell River 923-5654

Baha'i of Courtenay
Jackie Hinde  Email:
Arlene Shimeld  Email:
250-338-1493 or 338-0339 or 339-3719
1493 Valley View Drive, Courtenay, BC, V9N 8S7

CHURCHES - BAPTIST                                           back to top

Campbell River Baptist Church
260 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River
Pastor Randy Evans & Pastor Stan Parker
Ministry Center: Phone: 250.287.8831 Fax: 250.287.8858

Comox Community Baptist Church
1250 Anderton Road, Comox 339-0224

Comox Valley Missionary Baptist Church
4660 Headquarters Road, Courtenay 338-1991

Courtenay Fellowship Baptist Church
2963 Lake Trail Road, Courtenay 334-3432

Port Hardy Fellowship Baptist Church
6950 Highland, Port Hardy 949-6844

Port McNeil Regular Baptist Church
2501 Mine Road, Port McNeil 956-4737


Christ The King Catholic Church
1599 Tunner, Courtenay 3344716

Church of St Peter and Paul
Cedar Crescent, Gold River 283-2665
Office - Roman Catholic 283-7644

North Island Catholic Church
Port Hardy 949-6524

St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
34 South Alder, Campbell River 287-3498
Fax 287-2127


Harvest Gate Christian Fellowship
2092 Comox Avenue, Comox 339-2970


Harvest Gate Christian Fellowship
2092 Comox Avenue, Comox 339-2970

CHURCHES - CHURCH OF CHRIST                          back to top

Church of Christ
226 Hilchey Road, Campbell River 923-5233
Bill Pakosz. Residence 923-6176


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
   460 Goodwin Road, Campbell River 250-926-0480
   1901 20th Street, Courtenay 334-2523
   2551 Mine Road, Port McNeil 9564125


Bay Community Church
1105 Pritchard, Comox 339-7527

Covenant Congregational Christian Church of Canada
4778 North Island Hwy, Courtenay 334-4480

Cumberland Community Church
2732 Penrith Avenue, Cumberland 336-8801


Bay Community Church
1105 Pritchard, Comox 339-7527


Central Evangelical Free Church
505 Fitzgerald Ave, Courtenay 338-7727

CHURCHES - FOURSQUARE GOSPEL                                 back to top

Northgate Foursquare Church
Rev Scott Gaglardi
Courtenay - 1640 Burgess Rd - 250-334-2727
Campbell River - #403 - 5th Ave - 250-287-8133
Gold River - 375 Nimpkish Dr


Elm Gospel Church
566 5th Street, Courtenay 334-2823


Calvary Community Church
411 Anderton Avenue, Courtenay 334-8424

Centre for Spiritual Living
964 Shoppers Row, Unit 20, Campbell River, V9W 2C5

Christian Fellowship Church
600 Nimpkish Drive, Gold River 283-7241

Sointula Community Church and Christian School
335 2nd Street, Sointula 973-6537

CHURCHES - JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES                             back to top

Jehovah's Witnesses
   1935 Evergreen Road, Campbell River 287-9641
   5101 Beaver Harbour Road, Port Hardy 949-7544
   2651 Mine Road, Port McNeil 956-4246 or 287-3274


Bethany Lutheran Church
201 Birch Street, Campbell River 287-7771
Pastor Tom Kruesel, home phone 923-2921

Faith Lutheran Church
1688 McPhee, Courtenay 334-2141

Shepherd of The Valley Lutheran Church (ELCIC)
Comox 3393933


Discovery Community Church
625A 11th Avenue, Campbell River 287-8786

Mennonite Brethren Church
7898 North Island Hwy. Black Creek 337-5423
Barry Falk, Residence 337-8759

United Mennonite Church
2277 Eons Street, Black Creek 337-5341

CHURCHES - NON DENOMINATIONAL                        back to top

Alert Bay Revival Centre
14 Front Street, Alert Bay 974-5355

Aaron House Christian Fellowship
2946 Kilpatrick Rd. Courtenay 338-1312

Calvary Community Church
Courtenay 339-1113

Church of The Way C R
451 7th Avenue, Campbell River 287-2021


Bella Bella Pentecostal Church
8 Waglisla Street, Bella Bella 957-2269

Christian Life Fellowship
445 Merecroft, Campbell River 287-3476

Comox Pentecostal Church
1919 Guthrie Road, Comox 339-4536

Living Waters Fellowship FCA
2222 Regent Road, Black Creek 337-5053

Ocean View Christian Assembly
850 Marine Drive, Port Alice 284-3522

Pentecostal Church
154 Cedar, Alert Bay 974-5211

Port Hardy Christian Fellowship
7170 Rupert Street, Port Hardy 949-6466
Fax 949-6567

Valley United Pentecostal Church
1814 Fitzgerald Avenue, Courtenay 338-7877

CHURCHES - PRESBYTERIAN                                     back to top

Presbyterian Church Office
463 5th Street, Courtenay 334-8560

Trinity Presbyterian Church
145 Simms, Campbell River
Phone: 923-3776


Ocean Crest Community Church
291 McLean, Campbell River 287-3720

Salvation Army
291 McLean, Campbell River 287-3720

Salvation Army, The
1580 Fitzgerald Avenue, Courtenay 338-8221
Fax 338-8209

Family Services
10-2966 Kilpatrick Avenue, Courtenay 338-5133
Thrift Shop 338-8151


Gwa'sala-'nakwaxda'xw SDA Church
8898 Park Drive, Port Hardy 949-7377

Comox Valley Seventh-Day Adventist Church
4660  Headquarters Road, Courtenay, V9N 9H3 
Phone: 338-5258
Pastor Gordon Smedley, Residence 897-1842

Pastor Tony DaCosta
4680 Byng Road, Port Hardy 949-7584

CHURCHES - SIKH                                            back to top

Sikh Temple
637 Inecrest, Campbell River 286-9743


Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship
944 2nd Street, Courtenay 338-4956


Comox United Church
250 Beach, Comox 339.3966
Church Hall 339-7144 Fax 339-7893
Minister's Residence 339-0667

Cumberland United Church
2688 Penrith Avenue, Cumberland 336-8678

St George's United Church
505 6th Street, Courtenay 334-4961
Rev Jim Massey, Residence 334-4036
Rev Dave Stephens, Residence 338-4868

United Church of Canada
415 Pinecrest Campbell River 286-0431

United Church of Canada G E Darby Memorila
220 Wagalisla Street, Bella Bella 957-2428
Manse - Rev W W Hargrave
83 Waglisla Street, Bella Bella 957-2709

CHURCHES - UNITY                                         back to top

Unity Comox Valley
Sunday Services 10:30am
Lions Den, Nordin St. Comox
(at rear of 1729 Comox Ave.)


Vineyard Christian Fellowship
2215 Campbell River Road, Campbell River 286-3372

CLUBS                                     back to top

Black Creek OAPO
8369 North Island Hwy. Black Creek 337-5388

Campbell River Gun Club
2600 Quinsam Road, Campbell River 287-3646

Comox Valley Lion's Club
1729 Comox Avenue, Comox 339-6232

Elks' Home
231 6th Street, Courtenay 334-2512

Gold River Lions Club
396 Nimpkish Drive, Gold River 283-7775

Rotary Club of Campbell River
1900 Treelane Road, Campbell River 923-8899

Rotary Club of Campbell River Daybreak
548 Ponderosa Place, Campbell River 296-1820

Rotary Club of Comox
1716 Tofino Place, Comox 3394265

Rotary Club of Courtenay
5460, C2, RR #4, Courtenay 334-3822

Rotary Club of Port Hardy
P0 Box 1288, Port Hardy 949-8384

Rotary Club of Port McNeil
P0 Box 340, Port McNeil 956-3351

Rotary Club of Strathcona Sunrise Courtenay
790 Ellcee Place, Courtenay 338-1401

Willow Point Community Hall
2165 Island Hwy, Campbell River 923-5344

CRISIS CENTRES                  back to top

1-929 Alder, Campbell River 286-1712

Comox Valley Pregnancy Care Centre
785 6th Street, Courtenay, V9N 1M8
Phone / Fax: 250-334-0058

Crisis Centre
237 3rd Street, Courtenay 334-2455
Business Line 338-0512

Crisis Line
487 10th Avenue, Campbell River 287-7743

Crisis Services and Shelter To Battered Women
Courtenay 338-1227

North Island Crisis and Counselling Centre
Port Hardy 949-6033
Transition House
Campbell River 286-3666
Call No Charge 1 800 667-218

TREATMENT CENTRES                 back to top

Columbia Coast Addictions Services
1761 Island Hwy, Campbell River 287-4822

Comox Valley Transition Society
Courtenay 338-1227

Edgewood-A Treatment Facility
Call No Charge 1 800 683-0111

Namgis Health Centre
48 Front Street, Alert Bay 974-5522

North Island Alcohol and Drug Education
and Information Society

910 Island Hwy, Campbell River 287-4771

PM Addictions Counselling
Call No Charge 1 866801-8111

Total Health Laser Therapy
88-6421 Applecross Road, Nanaimo 1 800 667-1088

Upper Island Women's Day Treatment
2194 McKenzie, Comox 339-3585
Fax 339-3595

EMPLOYMENT / JOBS AGENCIES        back to top

Looking for a job? See the new Vancouver Island Jobs page.

Campbell River Employment Foundations Society
940 12th Avenue, Campbell River 286-3441

Destinations Hospitality
   2270 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 334-9823
   Fax 334-9824
   918 Island Hwy, Campbell River
   Fax 286-0177

Eby's Business Services
1994 Comox Avenue, Comox 339-2261

Job Wave BC
Call No Charge 1 888 562-9283

North Island Employment Foundations Society
6-145 19th Street, Courtenay 334-8000

Opportunities Campbell River
447 10th Avenue, Campbell River 286-3436

Opportunities Career Services
2785 Mansfield Courtenay 897-3315
Fax 897-1344

Opportunity Zone
129-8950 Granville, Port Hardy 949-5736

HOSPITALS                            back to top

Campbell River Hospital
375 2nd Avenue, Campbell River 287-7111
Hospital Auxiliary 287-4556

Cumberland Health Center
Cumberland 336-8531

Hospital Port Alice
1090 Marine Drive, Port Alice 284-3555

Hospital St George's
182 Fir Street, Alert Bay 974-5585

Kyuquot Red Cross Hospital
Kyuquot 332-5289

Mount Waddington Community Health Council
2750 Kingcome Place, Port McNeil 956-3655

Port Alice Hospital
1090 Marine Drive, Port Alice 284-3555

Port Hardy Hospital
9120 Granville, Port Hardy 949-6161
Multilevel Care 902-2663

Port McNeil and District Hospital
2750 Kingcome Place, Port McNeil 956-4461

St George's Hospital
182 Fir Street, Alert Bay 974-5585 / 974-5212

St Joseph's General Hospital
2137 Comox Avenue, Comox 339-2242
Fax 339-1432

INFORMATION SERVICES               back to top
(see also Chambers of Commerce above)

Port Hardy and District Chamber of Commerce
7250 Market Street, Port Hardy 949-7622

Travel Information Centre
1-351 Shelley Crescent, Port McNeil 956-3131

Vancouver Island Highway Information Centre
2885 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 338-1886

Weather Public Environment Canada
   Campbell River 287-4463

Marine Weather Forecasts
   Campbell River 286-3575
   Gold River 283-2652
   Port Hardy 949-7148 / 949-7147

LIBRARIES                          back to top

Vancouver Island Regional Library
   1240 Shoppers Row, Campbell River 287-3655
   1729 Comox Avenue, Comox 339-2971
   Beasley Road, Cortes Island 935-6566
   410 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 334-3369
   Courtenay 338-1700
   2724 Dunsmuir, Cumberland 336-8121
   396 Nimpkish Drive, Gold River 283-2502
   Marine Drive, Port Alice 284-3554
   7110 Market Street, Port Hardy 949-6661
   4-1584 Broughton Blvd. Port McNeill 956-3669
   641C Kelsey Way, Sayward 282-5551
   280 1st Street, Sointula 973-6493
   5527 Island Hwy, Union Bay 335-2433
   Kinman Avenue, Woss 281-2263

MUSEUMS                                back to top

Campbell River Museum and Archives
470 Island Hwy. Campbell River 287-3103

Comox Air Force Museum
19 Wing, Comox Lazo 339-8162

Courtenay and District Museum
219 4th Street, Courtenay 334-0686

Cumberland Museum and Archives
2680 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland 336-2445

Port Hardy Museum
7110 Market Street, Port Hardy 949-8143

Port McNeil Museum
2-351 Shelly Crescent, Port McNeil 956-9898

U'Mista Museum
Front Street, Alert Bay 974-5403


Kin Beach Provincial Park
Comox 339-6365

SENIOR CITIZENS' SERVICES AND CENTRES                               back to top

Abbeyfield House
994 8th Street, Courtenay 338-6311

Casa Loma Seniors Village (formally Comox Valley Seniors Care)
4646 Headquarters Road, Courtenay 897-1033

CRA Evergreen Seniors Club
411 Anderton Avenue, Courtenay 338-1000

Comox Valley Senior Peer Counselling
203-576 England Avenue, Courtenay 334-9917

Cummings Home
1926 Cummings, Courtenay 897-0075

d'Esterre House Senior Citizens
1801 Beaufort, Comox 339-5133

Gold River Revellers Seniors Club
409 Trumpeter, Gold River 283-7778

Hardy Bay Senior Citizens Centre
9150 Granville, Port Hardy 949-7252

Lions View
280 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River 286-6339

Senior Citizens Association
1st Street Sointula 973-6777


Access Now
2377 Eardley, Campbell River 923-6381

Advocacy Centre
205-576 England Avenue, Courtenay 338-4694
Fax 338-4691

Alano Club
301 10th Avenue, Campbell River 287-2911

BC Federation of Foster Parents Association - Region K has a new name:
Foster Parent Support Services Society
#106-301 Dogwood Street, Campbell River
Telphone: 286-0555 and Fax: 286-0545

Big Brothers and Big Sisters
201-1040 Shoppers Row, Campbell River 287-7823
Fax 287-2718

1-929 Alder, Campbell River 286-1712

British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
407 5th Street, Courtenay 338-4121

Campbell River Adult Care
12-142 Larwood, Campbell River 923-0991

Campbell River Child Care Society
394 Leishman, Campbell River 286-6443

Campbell River and District Association For Community Living
1153 Greenwood, Campbell River 286-0391

Campbell River Indian Band Council
1400 Weiwaikum, Campbell River 286-6949

Campbell River Volunteer Centre
301 St Ann's Road, Campbell River 287-8111

Canadian Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Network
107-60 Anderton Avenue, Courtenay 338-5835

Comox Valley Family Services Association
Community and family services
1415 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 338-7575
Fax 338-2345

Comox Valley Leisure Club
981 Fitzgerald Avenue, Courtenay 338-4482

Courtenay Mental Patients Association
255 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 334-4035

Filberg Lodge and Park Association
61 Filberg, Comox 339-2715
Filberg Festival Coordinator 334-9242

Hardy Bay Rotary Seniors Lodge
7480 Rupert Street, Port Hardy

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre
205-55 Victoria Road, Nanaimo 1 877 424-3323

John Howard Society of North Island
1455 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay 338-7341
Youth Court Services 338-0646

Kwakiutl Band Council
99 Tsakis Way, Port Hardy 949-9442

Mennonite Central Committee BC Supportive Care Services
1154 South Island Hwy, Campbell River 923-1497

Namgis Health Centre
48 Front Street, Alert Bay 974-5522

North Island Community Services
2011 McNeil, Port McNeil 956-3134
Fax 956-4214

North Island Crisis and Counselling Centre
Port Hardy 949-8333

North Island Infant Development Programme Society
7070 Market Street, Port Hardy 949-3031
Fax 949-3038

North Island Supportive Recovery Society
647 Birch Street, Campbell River 287-4273

Recovery House
Campbell River 830 1103

Oweekeno Nation
700 Oweekeno Village, Oweekeno 949-8625

Drop In Center
280 Oweekeno Village Oweekeno 949-6845

Planned Parenthood Association of Campbell River
Campbell River 923-3454

R Henn and Associates
3-2426 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay 338-5884

St Vincent de Paul Society
1599 Turner Drive, Courtenay 334-0070

St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop
27038 Kilpatrick Avenue, Courtenay 338-4845

Salvation Army
170 St Ann's Road, Campbell River 286-0002

Thrift Store
100-1100 Homewood Road, Campbell River 286-3010

United Way Campbell River
P0 Box 135, Campbell River 287-3213

United Way Comox District
P0 Box 3097, #204 - 463 Fifth Street, Downtown Courtenay 338-1151

Upper Island Problem Gambling Programme
625H 11th Avenue, Campbell River 286-3778
Fax 286-3779

Upper Island Youth Services
1480 Dogwood Street, Campbell River 286-6929
Fax 286-3137

Vancouver Island Community Support Services
7-912 Island Hwy. Campbell River 287-3151 /287-3138

Vancouver Island Multiple Sclerosis Society
Campbell River 286-0999

Waglisla Friendship Centre
210 Wagalisla Street, Bella Bells 957-2112

Whe-La-La-U Area Council
13 Whe-La-La-U Alert Bay 974-5501
Fax 974-5904
Social Assistant Aide 974-5224
Youth Program 974-2626

Yucalta Lodge Society
1351 Ironwood Street, Campbell River 286-1051


Comox Valley Area:

Adult Learning Centre
Admin Assistant - To work closely with the Manager and Tutor Coordinator, scheduling Learner appointments, following up with Tutors and Learners for their input and other office and related duties.
Contact: Terry Avery Telephone: 338-9906

Comox Valley Family Services Association
Publicity - Event Volunteers - Venue Committee - Ticket Committee
We will require people to help our annual fundraising Spring Gala Event, about April 28th. We are looking for someone with great organizational qualities. Contact: Carol Thibodeau Telephone: 338-7575

Comox Valley Food Bank
Distribution of food to those in need.
Contact: Jeff Hampton Telephone: 338-0615 between 9 - 12 or leave message

Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society
Volunteer Coordinator & General Volunteers
People are needed to handle horses and walk beside the riders for safety and reassurance.
Contact: Eliza Passingham Telephone: 338-1968

Crossroads Crisis Centre
Crisis Line Attendants & Promotions. Contact: Cathy Stotts Telephone: 338-0512

Childrens Wish Foundation of Canada
Volunteer Wishmaker Parade Coordinator and 4 volunteers needed to develop, coordinate and implement the Wishmaker Parade with the support of a volunteer committee, to raise funds in support of the Childrens Wish Foundation.
Contact: Diana McKenzie Telephone: 1 -800-267-WISH
Or email:

Courtenay Recreation
Supervisor at the LINC Youth Centre
To help with supervising the Skateboard Park, games room, computer room, arts and crafts, games, special events and concession Contact: Louise Grutzmacher Telephone: 338-5371

Evergreen Seniors Club
Volunteers (aged 55+) - Special events helpers
Dishwashers - Writers - Special Events
Kitchen Hosts/Hostesses Morning or Afternoon Shifts
Muffin Person 7:00 a.m.
Armchair Travel Presenter - This person would do a slide show of a recent trip. Special events musical talent - Someone who can play the piano or provide other musical entertainment for some of our special events. For this volunteer opportunity, one does not have to be a senior.
Contact: Ellen Lazare Telephone: 338-100

Lush Valley
Volunteer Coordinator - To coordinate volunteers and keep records in food security related activities.
Website Designer - To set up a website for Lush Valley Food Action
Society and update the website periodically.
Contact: Betty-Anne Juba Telephone: 338-4445

Senior Peer Counselling
Friendly Visitors - Retired seniors over 50 needed to provide weekly social visits to isolated and lonely seniors. A few hours once a week helps bring meaning into the life of a lonely senior. No experience or special skills needed. Training & support are provided.
Contact: Sherry Telephone: 334-9917

Joseph's General Hospital
Clerical Assistants - General Support Volunteers - Volunteer Visitors Visiting and activities with long-term care residents. Contact: Pat Allan Telephone: 339-1548

Volunteer Comox Valley
Pay It Forward Comox Valley -
project strengthening our comn kindness. Sharing knowledge, Volunteers needed, seniors aged 55+ to assist with an exciting our community through the promotion of kindness. Sharing knowledge, values and life experiences through the tradition of storytelling. You will also be connecting with and inspiring Valley youth to "Pay it Forward" through acts of kindness!
Contact: Adda Vallevand Telephone: 334-8063 Email:

Campbell River Area:

Volunteer Campbell River
301 St Ann's Road, Campbell River 287-8111


Comox Valley Transition Society
Courtenay 338-1227
Business Line 897-0511

Upper Island Women of Native Ancestry Society
576 5th Street, Courtenay 334-9591
Fax 338-9515

Women's Centre
457 10th Avenue, Campbell River 287-3044

Women's Resource Centre
103-780 Grant Avenue, Courtenay 338-1133

Women's Sexual Violence Services
103-780 Grant Avenue, Courtenay 338-1191


Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Campbell River Airport, Campbell River 923-1001

Royal Canadian Air Cadets 386 Squadron
1298 Military Row, Comox 339-9198

YOURS Comox Valley Youth Resource Society
4-730 Grant Avenue, Courtenay 338-9131

Youth For Christ
4736 Headquarters Road, Courtenay 338-8416         back to top

United Way Supported



Alano Club Courtenay


B.C. Paraplegic Association Vancouver Island


Beaufort Association of Comox Valley Mentally Handicapped


Canadian National Institute for the Blind CNIB


Can. Red Cross of Comox Valley


Comox Valley Chapter British Columbia Schizophrenia


Comox Valley Family Services Association


Comox Valley Ground Search and Rescue Association


Comox Valley Marine Rescue


Options for Sexual Health


Comox Valley St. John Ambulance


Comox Valley Senior Peer Counselling


Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society


Courtenay Mental Health Association


Eureka Support Society


Comox Valley Pregnancy Care Centre


Crossroads Crisis Centre Society


Island Deaf & Hard of Hearing


Multiple Sclerosis Society of Vancouver Island


North Island A.I.D.S. Coalition Society


Stroke Club


Head Injury


Transition Society



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