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Website Development Costs
(examples of our web charges and costs)

Your website should look professional, be available all the time, and be written to SELL so that you get some business out of it!   We can help you do it the right way - the way that gets results!  Below are some website development costs.

Initial Consultation - FREE!

  • You can show us what you want, and we will suggest ways to do it properly.
    • How to take great pictures.
    • How to write text that sells.
    • How to save money in domain hosting and name registration.
    • Then, you can decide whether you want us to help you.
    • If you don't know anything about the Internet or marketing, we will explain things in layman's terms, not in "tecky" terms! Contact us.

Prices are approximate because of many variables. How fast do you need it? How much development needs to be done? Who is going to supply the text and photos? Don't forget that promotion of your website is as important as having a website. In our opinion, there is little use for a website that no one visits. We want to see your website succeed as much as you do! Having visitors coming to your website in a buying mood - that is what we want to happen for your website.

Website development costs:

Basic Package - $380

  • 1 page, approximately 300 words
    (Note: you provide the text)
  • Your contact information
  • 1 email link, 6 links within website, 6 links outside of website
  • Your logo (provided by you in .jpg or .gif format)*
  • 2 photos (provided by you in .jpg format)**
  • Free tracker installed on website. Contact us.

Bronze Package - $790

  • 2 - 5 pages, approximately 300 words per page
  • .
    (Note: you provide the text)
  • Your full contact information
  • .
  • Up to 5 email links, 12 links within website, 12 links outside of website
  • .
  • Your logo (provided by you in .jpg or .gif format) on all pages*
  • .
  • Up to 10 photos (provided by you in .jpg format)**.
  • Free tracker installed on website. Contact us.

Promotion Package - $999

  • For those who presently have a website, but it is not drawing traffic. You need qualified visitors - ones that are in a buying mood for your product or service.
  • People searching on the web are looking for your product or service. Have your website show at the top of the search engine results pile!
  • Analysis of present log files, if any.
  • Website pages optimized for search engines and directories
    (including Meta Tags, Image Tags, and keyword "loading" of up to 6 pages).
  • Locating suitable reciprocal linking websites - minimum 15 but we suggest 30.
    (including finding appropriate websites, sending requests and answering emails, and putting links with descriptions on site). Example
  • Hand submitting to top 10 free major search engines and directories
    (Google, Yahoo, MSN, HotBot, Lycos, Canada, etc. - package does not include submission to search engines that charge for listings)*** Contact us.


  • Basic hosting starts at $12/month. We used to recommend a cheaper hosting service, for about $5/month, but we found that they were unreliable - a fair number of times the website would not be viewable. You want 99% reliability, with fast connections, full backup in case of power failure, daily backup of data, and other critical items. Read more about hosting.

Maintenance/Promotion - $90/month

  • Your website will be professionally watched over.
  • Continuous promotion - resubmission to search engines if needed.
  • We will answer your questions about or respond to link requests.
  • You can have changes done easily. Click here for more
  • Your website will look fresh - put your press releases on, etc.
  • We will answer requests for reciprocal links, if appropriate.
  • We will be available to answer your questions.
  • Up to 1.5 hours per month, not compounding.
  • Note: price may vary with complexity of website.

Website Link-Building

  • Reciprocal linking will increase your website visitor numbers from other websites.
  • Reciprocal linking will raise your profile on the major search engines.
  • Having other websites linked to yours will benefit your traffic for years.
  • 30 other websites linked to your site -  approximately $450 (depends on certain criteria).

Hourly rate for website development costs:

  • $65/hour (USD)
  • Basically, we charge for our time. We have the proper tools and experience to get your job done quickly and professionally. We are a home-based business with low overheads. We constantly keep up on the latest methods of promotion, as well as purchasing tools (programs) that help us do our job faster and more effectively - to your benefit. We have been in the website development business since 2000. Call us today at (250) 339-2687.
  • How do our prices compare to other companies?

    From our research here is what OTHER COMPANIES CHARGE f
    or website development:

    Master level Web Development costs from $75-120/hr.
    Custom Graphics costs $65-$75/hr.
    On-Site Digital Photography costs $80+/hr.
    Maintenance Contracts are negotiated for around $55-$75/hr.
    Web Design Consulting costs $100-$300/hr.
    Some companies cost $95 - $120/hr. across the board.
    Setting up a Link Directory - we charge about $12/link. Here's the competition's rate (taken from this web page:

    Advertising and Marketing Services Price
    Custom reciprocal link directory with 100 targeted reciprocal links $3000 per directory
    Additional reciprocal links added to an existing reciprocal link directory $20 per link

    You will be saving money and getting professional development with Pacific Websites. Call today.

  • If you are shopping by hourly price - of course you can have a website created for a lower hourly rate. You will spend less money. But why do you want a website in the first place? If you want a website that helps your company make more money, then be sure you hire the people that know how to do that. A successful website involves a lot of different considerations; it is far more than a "pretty" website.
*We can design a logo for you, about $160. Tell us what you want! Show us your ideas!

**Your pictures can be scanned, 3 for $20 includes cropping and put into digital form (.jpeg, .gif, etc.) which will be ready for your website or sending by email.

***Yahoo charges $300US/year for their listing services. We know secret ways to possibly get around this.

Prices are in United States Dollars. Please call us today for more information about website development charges and how we can help you have a successful website. We have done it for others and can do it for you.

Contact us here.

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