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What does a website need?

What will make an effective website?

Below are some of the effective web tools Pacific Websites has used to create more
interest and interactivity with website visitors. These tools can help YOUR
website be very effective - more conversions to business. Call today to
find out more; we are here to help.

Website Feature


Rotating Photos

Generate more interest, add color, tell stories

View photos on right:
MS Rental Resources

4 Rotating photos:
Interior Design

Interact with Visitors

Your visitors will love this one! They get to see their name on a website created just for them! Try it on the right.

You Are ________.


When a web page first loads, a creative "Fly-in" can catch the eye... Click on the links to the right... and watch the Fly-in!

Come and Play!

You Are Important

Auto Pop-up Windows

Most people hate pop-ups, as they can be aggravating. We try to keep them small, unobtrusive, and only pop up once in 24 hours. Today, there are many "Pop-up blockers" but we create pop-ups that are unstoppable, and therefore, when used with tact, can be most effective. Try one out in the box on the right...

We believe one should use intelligent pop-ups that are far less annoying than the unintelligent pop-ups that most sites utilize.

Sorry, we have no examples of
pop-ups at this moment!

Search This Website

To be able to search your website is a basic necessity for visitors because they  might not see the link that they are looking for, some people prefer to use a search entry form, and sometimes a visitor just gets frustrated with finding info. An advantage of using a search program on your website is that you can see what searches have been performed, and if there is a trend, it might be worth modifying your link structure to match what people want!

Pacific Websites' search page

See the Laughter search on upper right-hand side


Pop-up Windows

Pop-up windows are useful for showing more information about a product, photo, etc. We can specify where the popup window will appear on a monitor, and also "dress up" the window so it has a professional look to it.

We can add text or image links that will automatically open a new browser window rather than load into the current browser window, which is a great way for displaying special offers, news items and other information that you don’t want to appear in an existing window.


(click any “More photos”)

(click any of the product images)

Visitor Statistics

We recommend putting at least two different statistic compliers on your website. Each has it's own peculiarities, and advantages. We know of two that are very good and... free! Stats can show you where your visitors are coming from, what they are looking for, and a lot of other useful information. The Pacific Websites hosting comes with at least two great statistics programs.

See the stats for Filberg Park

RSS Feed

You web site can have fresh content added automatically if you have a blog or news subscription. Here is good example of a Grizzly Bear Tour Report that has been added to a B&B website.

Click and see the white-colored area that changes
(under Grizzly Bear Tours)


A "Frequently Asked Questions" page will save you time explaining things to your customers. Suggest that they read your FAQ page before they send you an email, and you will free up your time. Informed customers are so much better to work with!

FAQs for Futspa Skin Products

FAQs for Walkers Hat Shop


Forums offer interactivity with other visitors. For discussing subjects related to your business. They have potential to greatly increase the traffic to your site.

Fungus Forum

Auto Add Links

This is a time-saver for your webmaster as it puts the onus of adding links on the other sites' webmasters. Best used as a supplement to an aggressive linking campaign.

Sorry, no examples available at this moment.

Mouse Rollovers

automatically produce drop-down lists for menu navigation, and can be vertical or horizontal.

(mouse-over "Baseball Caps") 

(both vertical and horizontal)

Frames page

Frames pages are usually frowned upon by web promotion companies (including us) but there are some specific, very useful applications that have tremendous benefit.

Sorry, there are no creative uses of a “Frames” page available at this moment.

PDF and Program Downloads

Have your website visitors download your PDF to view or programs to run...

This is a  program download:
Download The Service Sellers Masters Course e-book

Email Signups

Highly recommended, as this increases user interaction, reminds them of your existence, etc., etc. A win-win for all. People who sign up must be able to un-subscribe at any time, easily.

This keeps the work on the visitor, and allows your webmaster (or you) to focus on other things. It is completely hands off for you.

With an email sign-up you will be able to keep in contact with your viewers and customers - potential business.

Example of a sign-up or subscribe page.

Sell Products Online

Your products can be sold through your website, with a third-party taking care of the security issues. Your customers can use their credit cards to give you money before you ship! We have extensive experience with PayPal, the world's biggest third-party online company.

Buy Skin Care Products Online

Buy Baseball Hats Online

Buy a Self Help Book Online

Create Private Areas

Your website can have an area on it that is only accessible if they know the secret login and password - which you can give them in an email or on a promotion. Great for a 'private area forum' or for special 'added benefits' of a product.

We can't show you one
because they are all private!

Your signed-up customers can have private info and discussions


Useful in organizing large amounts of information and presenting it in any way you desire.

Harbour Listings

Scrolling info box

Shows lots of info in a very small space, usually a box. It tends to keep visitors on your site longer, because they are drawn to it.

Sorry, not available at this moment.

Show the time...

Show your current time in hours and minutes - you won't get telephone calls in the middle of the night! If you watch on the right for a minute you can see it change once a minute - it's live!

(see “Our current time is:”)


Our current time is...

Show today's date...

This helps to make your website appear current and up-to-date. Insert the current date into any of your pages and have it update automatically at midnight each day, which means your pages will always look up-to-date.

Today's date is

(see “Welcome! ”) 

Location Maps

Make it easy for visitors to see where you are located - a must for bed and breakfasts', hotels, any accommodation business. Google Maps makes it easy to add to your site and many people are familiar with how to use it.

See the Google Map on this page:

Website Site Maps

Adding a map to your website will make it easier for visitors to find information that they are looking for. There is another benefit, and that is the search engines will be able to spider (index) your site so they can show more of your information on their results pages. Highly recommended.

Pacific Websites' Website Map

Rental Resources MS site map


Contact Us Form (cut down on spam by using a secure contact form, not just emails)

Feedback Form
Customer Survey
Sales Contact Form
Request Form
Send Info Form (identify qualified/targeted prospects)
Problem Notification Form
Application for Employment
Simple Non-Credit-Card Order Form
Registration Form
Subscription Form for Autoresponder Series
Reservation Form

With all the focus on social media, the reality is that email marketing still outperforms social media 8 to 1!

Send-more-info forms -- examples:

Rental Resources MS contact us

Sport Smart contact us today

Biloxi Beach Houses contact form


Flash gives the "extra sizzle" that makes outstanding websites.

no Flash available at this time.
(Flash is being phased out)

Tracker Stats

Websites statistics help you and your web promotion expert understand where traffic is coming from and what needs to be done to increase it.

We often use three different trackers - each has different features that make it easy to understand your website. Ask us for more information.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs, wants and likes!

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