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A weekend intensive workshop on Vancouver Island, Canada, Sept.-Oct. 2006


Friday Evening Sept 29, 2006   7:30

Duration: 2 to 3 hrs

Drawing from personal experience, humorous insight, and heartfelt wisdom, Michael Brown takes us on a profound journey that lucidly retraces the entry of our awareness into the world of phenomenon. In a grounded and practical way, he then clearly reveals the roadmap for the anchoring of present moment awareness into the realm of time. By empowering us to understand the very crucial roles that must now be played by our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, Michael awakens us to the steps we must take individually to collectively deliver our species into the inspired state of being called “The Vehicle”. His uplifting perspective on “the meaning of human life” elevates the idea of service to a new dimension and awakens our sense of purpose to its grandest potential. This powerful experience is a self-contained introduction to this work, as it is a springboard for anyone intending to enter The Presence Process procedure experientially. This talk will be followed by a book-signing

Suggestions and Requirements: Come as you are, without pen or paper, without expectation or agenda. Bring an open mind and as much curiosity as you can muster. Bring your copy of THE PRESENCE PROCESS: A healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness, if you would like Michael to leave his thumb print.


SATURDAY Sept 30, 2006  9 AM - 4 PM  

         By taking us on a step-by-step journey through The Presence Process, Michael Brown shares his experiential insight into the emergence, mechanisms, and consequences of entering this self-awakening procedure. By placing this revolutionary procedure in context with unfolding planetary events and the prophetic whisperings from different cultures and religions, Michael also sheds light on the necessity for us to now consciously extract ourselves from the time-based paradigm. This talk is a powerful preparation for anyone about to enter The Presence Process and full of insight and confirmation for those that have already initiated or completed the experience.


Suggestions and Requirements: Dress comfortably, bring a cushion to sit on, notepad and paper, a blanket or warm shawl (regardless of weather conditions), plenty of fresh water to drink, and your own lunch, unless otherwise notified by the organizers of the event. If this event is being followed the next day by a Question and Answer Session, you are encouraged to hand in any questions you have for Michael at the close of the experiential workshop.

(Plus live musical performance)
SUNDAY, October 1, 2006 10 AM – 1 PM
Duration: 2 to 3 hrs.

          This is an opportunity to integrate the activities of the full day workshop in a relaxed question and answer format. Please note: Only questions pertaining to THE PRESENCE PROCESS and directly related subject matter will be accepted. Michael also entertains us on guitar with a live performance of what he calls “integration songs”.

          Suggestions and Requirements: Come as you are. Bring fresh water to drink. Dress comfortably.

MONDAY Oct 2 and TUESDAY Oct 3, 2006

 Michael will be available for private sessions with individuals who are preparing to, are currently, or have completed the experiential journey through THE PRESENCE PROCESS procedure. These sessions are to be about THE PRESENCE PROCESS procedure only and are conducted by donation.

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A weekend intensive workshop on Vancouver Island, Canada
with Michael Brown's The Presence Process, 2006

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